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  • Petroleum Resin C9

    Petroleum Resin C9

    Coating production: Used in paint and reinforced latex coating, also applied in oil soluble coating....

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  • Rubber Antioxidant Mb

    Rubber Antioxidant Mb

    White powder. No smell but taste biller. The density is 1.42. Soluble in alcohol, acetone, ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in petr...

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  • Rubber Accelerator Tibtd

    Rubber Accelerator Tibtd

    Light yellow crystal (granule). No osmyl and no taste. Soluble in benzene, acetone,CH2CI2,CS2 toluene, chloroform, partly soluble ...

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  • Rubber Accelerator Tetd

    Rubber Accelerator Tetd

    Light yellow or grey white crystal (Granule). The density is 1.29. Soluble in benzene, acetone, chloroform, CS2 partly soluble in ...

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  • About Us

    About Us

    About Us

    Dalian Richon Chem Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier engaged in the development, sale and service of rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant and other rubber chemicals in international market.

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